Friday, 24 February 2012

All about Linux Hosting

If a website is not using the Windows operating system then they must be swimming in the VPS of Linux system. Currently, Linux has got quite a good following for its open source solutions on website hosting. Linus has been developed in a way that the user can run a good number of hosting programs available, for instance, Linux can run the MySQL used in the database while run programs like PHP, XML, PERL or Python among other major programs that are designed specifically to run well and fast in Linux Operating systems.
The only drawback with Linux that make many users shy away is because most of the programs used by website owners do not run with Linux but only for windows. On the other hand Linux has proved to be the most stable and reliable operating system against Windows which is dedicated with MSSQL, ASP.NET and ASP among others that many webmasters have been buried in. Windows is unnecessarily expensive as compared to Linux hosting packages offered by many webhosting companies online because they spend little money to control and maintain Linux as opposed to Windows platforms.
If the hosting company spends more money on controlling, maintaining and operating as system, the expenses incurred are most definitely going to be paid by the customer, hence the high figures for Windows hosting operating systems. Linux is cheap and it is now readily available compared to the yesteryears when it hadn’t take root as much as possible to the webhosting industry. Unless a hosting company is living in the Stone-Age era, Linux is a must have in their hosting services because it has quite a big demand now.
It is important for the website owner to find the right host for his or her website, be it cloud hosting or any other type of hosting services the provider may offer. Most companies now offer both Windows and Linux hosting packages for the customer to choose from so it is upon the customers to weigh the two options and choose the right system for their website. Even though Linux is priced lowly by many of those hosting companies, the system is recommended for persons who need a more robust and secure server offering sophisticated features that are designed to meet the desires of many website owners.
For a website to achieve a perfect uptime, Linux system should be choice because it requires less maintenance and is stable, not prone to the common causes of website breakdown. Website owners must research thoroughly about the Linux hosting companies through internet reviews and comparison so that they may get a good host for their Linux supported website. They must be reliable and offer maximum uptime at a higher percentage for a good performing website. Get to test the host by checking the comparison site that allows them to rank hosts according to their scores against the operating system they support and that way, the owner can find a Linux operating systems host who can be relied throughout the subscription period.

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